I wrote a book with my college friend Matt Smith. He’s written all kinds of stuff you should check out. He’s a real renaissance man: writer, photographer, curmudgeon…

Our little book, Stay Away From Lions, is a very black comedy about our hometown of Buffalo, NY. There are lots of fun characters long on personality and short on brains. When they stumble into a situation with deadly consequences, things start to get interesting (and, hopefully, hilarious).

What most people find interesting about the book is the way it was written. On a lark, Matt and I decided to start a project where we’d each write one page per day and send to the other. No scripting was allowed. There was never a discussion of where to go next. It was just straight improvisation of and in the written word. Equally interesting, probably ninety-percent of my part was written on my iPhone while commuting.

Hey, you never know.

I write some stuff on business too. Sometimes it gets published. Sometimes it doesn’t. Here are some that did.

  • I try to find Facebook a date.
  • Walter White Radio
  • Neal Young is the new Steve Jobs, or so I argue in RAIN.
  • I deftly mix Yankees, Marconi, and nostalgia in a blender for RAIN.
  • Destroyed by the death of Harold Ramis. Buoyed by his life.
  • How Super Bowl hype belies the nuance of strategy: A Radio Metaphor
  • I artfully weave Grandmaster Flash and subcutaneous together in mesmerizing copy for VentureBeat.
  • This week was the anniversary of the Chocolate Chip Cookie. I muse about it in Technorati
  • Here is my thinking on royalty equality– I know you’re curious.
  • So we’re on the Forbes Yacht, Steve, Malcolm and I are having impossibly dry martinis and talking about the Flat Tax
  • What is Facebook really worth to you and how much do you hate ads? I discuss in Forbes.
  • I did a piece for Technorati about choice killing traditional radio using Jack Kevorkian as a twisted metaphor.
  • I talked about some astonishing new technology blending personal data and unbridled creativity for iMedia.
  • I welcomed Spotify to the US in TechCrunch.
  • Here’s another Technorati piece about Facebook going after music with guns blazing.
  • In another iMedia post I analogize the Occupy movement to media revolution.
  • After a particularly trying flying experience, I took my shots at the airline industry in iMedia. Touched a nerve.
  • Here’s a bit of ‘inside baseball‘ on the Tritondigital.com site.
  • What good would a Buffalo kid be without a Rush reference? Not very.
  • Music goes global and Dylan goes to China.
  • Speaking of which, not only are the times changing, women are changing them. My daughter made me write this.
  • I’m not one for hyperbole, but this is the greatest thing you’ll ever read. Ever.
  • I don’t know why Billy Crystal bothers me so
  • Choking on choice: one email subscription at a time. Read about it in Media Post.

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