Standing Still At The Speed of Sound

Like so many, I was moved by Felix Baumgartner and his astonishing fall from space. The execution blew me away. The audacity. The idea of doing it. The monetization and commercialization of it. There’s not one thing about it I didn’t love to bits.
One day you’re gonna have to face the deep, dark, truthful mirror.

And it’s gonna tell you things that I still love you too much to say.

Elvis Costello, “Deep, Dark Truthful Mirror”

I lied.

What I hated about it was the execution, the audacity, the idea… While we’re all checking emails, tweeting, updating our statuses and pinning our various and sundry interests, there are people out there doing things. Not talking about them. Not speculating about them. Not commenting on others who do. Doing.

This guy jumped from fucking outer orbit and you mean to tell me I can’t learn the bass, Spanish, woodworking, or how to make the perfect margarita?

Hold the Red Bull. But pour me a cup and leave the pot. Let’s get busy.

3 Comments on “Standing Still At The Speed of Sound”

  1. Judy Dudley says:

    HA! So true. Loved this Patrick.


  2. Andy Carney says:

    You can’t make a Margarita? How do you spend your summers?


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