Just like Lewis and Clark

Jerry Lewis and Clark Griswold.

I’m surviving Nemo like the early American settlers.  I’m blogging on my iPad. Listening to my “Bourbon” playlist on Spotify. By streaming my iPhone to my Jambox.

It’s been 24 hours with no power or heat. The kids made igloos but soon retreated to the warmth and comfort of their Netflix accounts on their school-issued iPads. Sacajawea did the very same I’m sure.

I have about an eighty foot tree down in the yard. I needed to tune-up my chainsaw. I pulled up a how-to on YouTube and quickly had that sucker reduced to Lincoln logs.

There’s been an all-out driving ban since yesterday afternoon, so when it lifted I hit Yelp to see if any bars were open in the area. I mean restaurants.

Listening to another epic Mayor Mumbles presser via NPR on my tunein app. Half a million or so without power until tomorrow afternoon at the earliest. Text from the electric co is even more pessimistic. I can track their progress on my mobile. Or lack thereof.

Better hunker down. At sun up it’s a couple of javas in my plunger then fire up the Big Green Egg to make some homemade biscuits to go with some poached eggs. Only two though. My fitbit says I haven’t hit my calories burned goal since this whole nightmare began.

I’ve always idolized Earnest Shackleton. Now I know how he must have felt. When faced with seemingly insurmountable danger it really is only the bravest and most resourceful that survive to tell the tale (on WordPress.)

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