Here Comes a Regular

I worship the Beatles and Dylan for their artistry. I love the Stones for their complete lack of it.

Then there’s The Replacements.

They could make beautiful pop like the Beatles (“Kiss Me on the Bus”), thought-provoking lyrics like Dylan (“Unsatisfied”) or straight cock-led Rock ala Stones (“I.O.U.”).

They were smart, horny, melancholy, joyous, and wise beyond their years like many of us thought we were.

Today, a dream delayed gets realized. I’m going to see The Replacements. In a twist of fate, I’m taking my sixteen year-old son. I was about sixteen when I discovered them. Seeing him hear them could be one of those through the looking glass moments. Where other acts made me feel comparatively small in the sense that I placed them way, way up on a pedestal, The Mats seemed like people I knew talking about places I’d been and thoughts and feelings I had. Wonder if they will for today’s sixteen year-old.

The-Replacements (1)It’s going to be a beautiful day and I can’t hardly wait. My only reservation is what if they step on stage and they are, in fact, just like me? To me they’re snappy snarling hot messes. Can a clean and sober Replacements in stable relationships driving sensible cars still burn as bright?

They might ask me the same thing.

In “Sixteen Blue” Westerberg et al related perfectly to that demo:

Your age is the hardest age
Everything drags and drags
You’re looking funny
You ain’t laughing, are you?

Thirty years later this might be more appropriate:

To the nightclub jitters, only thing that scares me is the dark
The night life critters: “What’s the cover? Where should we park?”


Things change and time marches on. Does the spirit live on when the host body changes?


We don’t know until we’re gone
There’s no one here to raise a toast
I look into the mirror and I see
A rock ‘n’ roll ghost

3 Comments on “Here Comes a Regular”

  1. Dmaley1714 says:

    Going to see them in the old us open site in Flushing meadows with Horton and Blake on Sept 19th

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  2. I want Chris Mars to rejoin the band. As much as I love these fuckers — I played “Let It Be” endlessly my senior year at Bonas while the rest of the school was neck-deep in ‘Working Man’s Blues’ (fucking uggh) — I feel somewhat empty about this reunion without Mars.


  3. buffaloreynolds says:

    Agree. The Replacements were as much optic chemistry as musical. They look funny without him. Check out his art. Amazing painter.


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