My New Year’s Wisholution

  1. Less disruption. I’m looking for confluence. Things that make things better without making other things worse by definition.
  2. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We will not be saved by angels, but by the devils of our nature bending toward the light.
  3. Grab a shovel. There’s lots to work on. Let’s apply some of our talents to the greater good and put a “dent in the universe” in a good way.
  4. Life is sweet. So more cookies. Preferably peanut butter.
  5. Throw open the windows. Be more mobile. Windows down, windy-road sort. Peek beyond the wall. Get some fresh air. Take the long way home.
  6. In the flesh. Being more social. Doing less social. Irony intended.
  7. Show some teeth. More emotion. Fewer emoticons.
  8. Put away childish things. More talking on the phone. Less time sucking.
  9. Step into the ring. More daring action. Less biting commentary on others’ actions.
  10. S/He who threads the most together wins.

3 Comments on “My New Year’s Wisholution”

  1. Stephen Berner says:

    We’ll done Patrick ! I dig this !



  2. JF Charland says:

    I like these!! (Particularly #2)


  3. buffaloreynolds says:

    It won’t be a politician, law, boss, policy, or anything but our own gumption, cleverness, and toil that get things pointed where we’d like them to be in our respective “Himalayas of the mind” as The Hip might say.


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